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Here’s the full list of winners:
Best Club DJ -­‐ DJ Claire
Best Cover Band -­‐ Lady Dottie & the Diamonds
Best Singer/Songwriter -­‐ Sierra West
Best Jazz -­‐ Gilbert Castellanos
Best Jazz Album -­‐ Danny Green Trio -­‐ After the Calm
Best Blues -­‐ Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact
Best Blues Album -­‐ Sure Fire Soul Ensemble -­‐ s/t
Best Americana -­‐ Sara Petite
Best Americana Album -­‐ Nancarrow -­‐ Simple Things
Best Hip-­‐Hop -­‐ Vokab Kompany
Best Hip Hop Album -­‐ 1019 & J. Treel -­‐ Treel Tales of Number Running
Best Pop -­‐ Gayle Skidmore
Best Pop Album -­‐ Tolan Shaw -­‐ Chin Up
Best Alternative -­‐ Prayers
Best Alternative Album -­‐ Wild Wild Wets -­‐ 14th Floor
Best Rock -­‐ The Routine
Best Rock Album -­‐ Barbarian -­‐ Night Blooms
Best Hard Rock -­‐ Schizophonics
Best Hard Rock Album -­‐ Joy -­‐ Under the Spell of Joy
Best World Music-­‐ Todo Mundo
Best World Music Album -­‐ B-­‐Side Players -­‐ Dos Generaciones
Best Local Recording -­‐ G. Burns Jug Band -­‐ The Southern Pacific & the Santa Fe
Best New Artist -­‐ The Bassics
Album of the Year -­‐ Slightly Stoopid -­‐ Meanwhile…Back at the Lab
Artist of the Year -­‐ Switchfoot
Best Live Performer -­‐ Schizophonics
Best Music Video by a San Diego Band -­‐ Slightly Stoopid -­‐ The Prophet
Song of the Year -­‐ Little Hurricane -­‐ Heart Skips a Beat
Lifetime Achievement Award – Peter Sprague
San Diego Music Industry Award – Deering Banjos
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