18.Minimalist Interior(non-registered)
Great Photo shot I wonder what lenses do you used?
13.Ken's Auto Center(non-registered)
Met you at Shelter Island tonight waiting for the HARVEST MOON Sept 2016. It was very exciting for me to talk to you and share those feelings of aesthetics. Good luck in all you do. I for one appreciate the beauty in the photos you create.
12.Leah Lathrop(non-registered)
Hi Dennis!!
11.Rosa Ochoa(non-registered)
Great skills, thank you for the photos :)
8.Rich McGee(non-registered)

Thanks again for stopping by the Show at the 35th Annual Ocean Beach Chili Cook Off and Music Festival. Great seeing you and lots of great music.

All the best ,
Rich McGee
7.KATIE HALVIN(non-registered)
Dennis, thank you for coming in and checking out our Thursday Open Mic & Acoustic Nights here at the Parkway Bar. I can hardly wait to see your photograghs! We look forward to having you back. Katie
6.Robin Adler(non-registered)
Dennis, you have the uncanny ability to capture the essence of whatever you photograph. San Diego is certainly blessed to have you in its neighborhood.
5.Marty Warburton(non-registered)
As always...excellent work Dennis. I can relive the "feel" of any event, anytime by perusing your work.

Thanx !
3.just another guy in the line-up(non-registered)
nice job .... scrolling through your shots is addicting....I couldn't stop ...you're always welcome at osprey.....it is a perfect spot for photos...good on ya
1.john feher
Thanks for the photos the other day at Sunset Cliffs- I ordered some. The lighting seemed perfect. Hope to see you back out there soon!
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